All party people pay attention !

There where rumors for some time, but now it is for real.
Keep you’re agenda free on the 25th of November 2017!
In Maxx – Sports and Events will be a new concept called: “Into The Vortex”.
It is a concept of Vortex Entertainment BV.

Maxx – Sports and Events lends itself perfectly as a location for a party to the next level.
Expect a spectacular night with dancers, a big stage with the most exclusive decorations and of course a massive lineup!
“Into The Vortex” will be a mix of different harder styles of music.
So you can expect: Freestyle, Hardstyle, Raw Style, Early Hardcore, Hardcore and more.
We also give dj talents the chance to show their skills with our DJ Contest.

See you on the 25th of November !!