What about Darkraver and his buddy Outsiders?
For years, the men have been notorious for their behavior within the dj booth and beyond.
Never mind what the night will bring when these gentlemen climb the stage.Every summer, they again terrorize the Spanish Costa.
Time to rest after the summer they never take.
If you ask the men to describe their lives there are actually only 2 words that return every sentence: Baco & Bitches !
It’s going to be crazy, can you believe it?

Then we have the gentlemen of Freestyle Maniacs.
Raoul Coolman, Norman Harinck (DJ Norman) & MC The Russian together are the formation called Freestyle Maniacs.
From the first day there was some kind of chemistry that would be defined as unique.Freestyle is a combination of the harder styles in combination with the best hits of all styles, eg. EDM, Hardstyle, Happy Hardcore, Jump, Early Rave and House Classics.
Their goal is to create hard party music for all people and not be limited by a single style.

Who isn’t familiar with all time classics like ‘Silence’ and ‘The Hustle’?
Or the shots of their flamespitting act in the intro of TMF’s Hakkuh?
G-Town Madness was founded in the early 90s and kickstarted their career as a main liveact at the Ravers Religion parties.
These guys are a guarantee to get the party hyped up as they did at Thunderdome, Nightmare, Hardcore Resurrection, Mindcontroller, Defqon.1, Houseqlassics, Dominator and many other gigs all over Europe.

The last decade they produced floorkillers together with The Viper like ‘Come As One’ and ‘Live A Lie’
which are played at almost every festival and party. They can be booked for an oldschool or early hardcore liveact or DJ-set.
Prepare because they are ready to throw the Madness on “Into the Vortex”.

At the age of 11, George Pinas aka Titan was infected with the harddance virus.
A classmate collected the legendary Thunderdome CDs and live registrations, which George leaned from time to time.
The little Titan played these tires over and over and after a while moved his interest from the audience to the DJs on stage.
His interest grew steadily and after a while, he and his friend bought his first DJ device.

After a lot of practice and a few local performances, George entered the Q-Factor, a dj contest that organized Q-Dance, where he finished second.
This performance resulted in a number of really fun performances; Q-Base, Defqon1, Decibel, Masters of Hardcore, Hard Bass, Supremacy, Dominator etc etc.
For Titan, this was a great change to work on his career as a DJ and Producer

Nowadays, George is also very busy in the studio and after sending some demos, he became a Fusion Records artist in 2009.
A statement has been made and Titan is no longer considered an artist when it comes to pouding hard rawstyle.

Started in the early 90’s making music and got signed by publishing fund FloorControl Music.learned and joined the Attic & Stylzz and Sound Enhancers Crew.Begin 2000’s started with his Don Cartel Project and released originals collabs and remixed for labels Like DigiDance,Mid-Town Records, Universal, Sony-BMG, Zzap Recordings, Triple B Records and Artists Like DJ Jean, Double You, DJ Jose, Bass Bumpers, Brace, Yes-R, Gio, Ilker Akay Ruben Vitalis, T.G.T, The Partysquad and many more.

Over the years he played his gigs in country’s Like Belgium/Spain/Greece/Germany/Czech Republic/North-America and he’s still getting more established in the dance scene

He works closely together with his Management and Label PM Music/PM Recordings(BMG/TALPA)and the wide expertise of his Wild boyz crew (Smash&Aries,Ilker Akay,G-Town Madness,Robert Danza)

ReCap is a 3 man crew consisting of a MC and 2 DJ/Producers with many individual years of experience in the scene. Now that they’ve joint forces, the formation allows every crew member to bring his own interests and specialties to ReCap, using them to make some Refreshing Hard Productions.

As a producers team, you can expect mainstream Hardcore or some real pumping Rawstyle for new releases of these guys.
As a DJ team they will bring you an exciting mix of Early Hardcore Mashups or Bootlegs combined with new Hardcore sounds or a rare twist with Rawstyle. Nothing is too crazy for these guys!

One of the crew members is DJ Mastermind, known for several releases on the famous Thunderdome CD’s under the alias “Mindcrimers”. He and the rest of the crew ‘recapped’ 25 years of Hardcore and decided it could use a new impulse. And so ReCap was born…

Xtreme aka Kevin Broers, 26 years old, came into contact with vinyl by DJ Innershock on his 15th. After having been to the Scratch’98 radio program on the radio station, the first turntables and a mixer were soon acquired. All the money earned with jobs went on to vinyl and the mixing could begin. From the beginning, vinyl was bought from all sorts of genres, but mainly the harder styles. Meanwhile, I became a radio host at Scratch’98 and in the 10 years that I turn around, lots of fun bookings have already been over. Nowadays, I focus on all harder styles, also known as freestyle, and we are going to hit Into The Vortex! See you there!

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